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Hand Care


Soin de beauté destiné à embellir les mains et spécialement les ongles, la manucure redonne tout leur éclat à vos ongles naturels. Profitez des conseils d'une de nos spécialistes sur les traitements faciles à faire à la maison.

French Manicure

A french manicure highlights the beauty and the shine of your natural nail by redrawing the tip of the nail in white. A timeless and elegant classic!

Spa manicure

Treat yourself with this extremely relaxing experience. During a spa manicure, we use carefully chosen products to soften your hands while you enjoy this luxurious hand massage.

Fake nails


The Bio Gel is an odourless hardening gel for nails which makes them strong, durable and flexible.

The Bio Gel will protect natural nails while giving weak or breaking nails the chance to grow.

You may choose between more than 100 colors, clear coat, french manicure or pink and white (necessary fill

Bitten nails

Looking for a way to get rid of your bad nail biting habit? Using a new technique designed especially for bitten nails, with Biosculpture we are able to lengthen the nail, protect it during the regrowth period and make it stronger. Biosculpture is odorless, flexible, dust free, does not crack and dries quickly.

Contact us to learn more about our Biosculpture technique for bitten nails.