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Face care

Moisturizer, restorative, invigorating, Rosacea, Acne... all our Signature care treatments include a lymphatic drainage on the face.

Classic facial
(45 min.)

Signature RSA facial
Une solution idéale pour les personnes souffrant de rosacée, peau sensible ou acnéïque.

Signature corrective facial

This treatment calms, moisturizes, heals and improves the appearance of your skin by keeping it fresh, firm and healthy. Recommended for every skin types and specifically for irritated skin, sun burnt or ultra sensible. Eyelid care included.

Lumifacial Signature
A wonderful treatment using light-emitting diodes to provide treatment for reddened skin, Rosacea, Acne, wrinkles and pigmented lesions.

Signature Microdermabrasion
Ideal for sun-damaged skin, granular skin, aging signs, wrinkles, dilated pores, comedo, superficial scarring and certain types of stretchmarks.